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With many years of experience working in this sector, United Mortgages NI can help you explore the insurance products that are available to you and select those that are of benefit. We aim to ensure that all our clients and their families have the most suitable cover in place to help ensure their present and future financial stability in the event of death or serious illness. If you’ve been putting off looking into insurance, there’s never been a better time to start the process than right now.

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Life Insurance

Should you pass away, will your family struggle financially? It’s an unpleasant thought, but it’s important to face the reality that losing the sole or main earner in a household adds a huge financial pressure to people already dealing with a major loss. Life insurance can remove that significant source of stress.

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Critical Illness

What would happen if you became seriously unwell? Do you have a plan in place to ensure your mortgage and bills would continue to be paid? If not, critical illness cover may be worth considering. This is designed to pay a lump sum on diagnosis and has helped many families survive difficult situations.


Income Protection

Income protection is an insurance product that protects you if you’re unable to work due to illness or injury. Unlike critical illness cover, it doesn’t pay a lump sum, it provides you with a regular income until you are able to return to work, or until you reach retirement age.

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Family Protection

Family protections provides a safety net for your entire family should the worst happen. It can include elements of life insurance, critical illness cover and income protections, and the cover provided is flexible so we can tailor it to be suitable for your needs and budget.

Insurance Services

A Range of Providers

We work with a panel of insurers in order to offer the products that we believe will be of the greatest benefit to our clients. When we work with you to ensure you have the right protection in place, we search our panel of insurance providers to ascertain which can offer the most appropriate cover for you, working within your agreed budget and offering you the most suitable policy definitions for your needs.

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Private Medical

Protecting Yourself and Your Family

While the NHS is an amazing institution, there are times when it can’t provide the level of treatment that private medical care can. To be seen sooner, benefit from the latest treatments, and have a choice in where and by whom you’re seen, private medical care is potentially the best option. However, it’s a fact that going private is not cheap.

Private medical insurance can provide you with a financial support should you fall ill, paying all or some of the cost of your treatment. The team at United Mortgages NI is able to offer advice and recommendation on the most appropriate medical insurance products to meet your needs and ensure that you and your family are protected.


The Right Cover

Everyone’s cover needs are different, and we’ll work with you to ensure we understand your needs fully. That allows us to provide you with the right advice as you choose a private medical insurance policy. We’ll take your situation, budget, current health, and a range of other factors into consideration when advising you.

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Quick Access

One of the key benefits of private medical care is avoiding the waiting lists that NHS treatments often have. With private medical care you can see a medical professional sooner, ensuring your condition is treated. Private medical care can make a significant difference to your treatment outcome.

Private Medical

Choosing Your Treatment

When you opt for private medical care, you have the chance to be more involved in your own treatment. Private care often gives patients the opportunity to have a say in what treatment they believe is their best option, and where they would prefer to be treated. It provides a greater flexibility of appointments, helps to minimise the waiting time for essential treatment in the case of a serious condition being diagnosed. In addition, private medical care can also cover mental health care, something that can be very difficult to access via the NHS. Private medical insurance can give you the peace of mind that comes from knowing all this is available to you without a huge financial burden at a difficult time.

Client Testimonials



23 Mar 2023

"I could not fault United Mortgages NI they set up life insurance for myself and my husband who sadly died a year later we were devastated and if United Mortgages NI hadn’t set up the insurance as efficiently as they did life would of been a lot worse for us. Thankyou once again much appreciated."



13 Mar 2023

"I have been a client for United Mortgages NI for years now. They have provided a fast and extremely effective service. I have recommended them to family and friends alike, they are the best I have found thus far."



27 Feb 2023

"Michael and the team at United Mortgages NI provided an excellent professional service from start to finish. They were always available to answer any query and acted with my interest at heart at all times."



17 Feb 2023

"Michael and Stephen were amazing in helping my partner and I buy our house! They were honest about what we could realistically afford and how the process would work. They were available whenever I had a question or wanted to check something. I would highly recommend United Mortgages NI."



17 Feb 2023

"The level of service and quality of work at United Mortgages NI is outstanding. Michael was recommended to me by friends. From the moment we spoke,Michael knew exactly what I needed. He is extremely professional, knowledgable ,courteous, and is fully abreast of all the products currently available on the market for mortagages. He kept me informed every step of the process. He ensured I got the best mortgage package available to me at the time. Michael made me feel that nothing was too small to discuss, and was always available to talk to. I would have no hesitation in recommending United Mortgages NI. Michael made a stressful period - a lot less stressful with his amazing service. Thanks Michael."

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